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 01st Apr - 01st Nov
2,490 / Adult


Created on land and at sea by Radovan Marčić, sailor and skipper for 45 years, owner of a sailboat, author of double volume edition “Sailing guise across the Croatian Adriatic” as well as of “Gustosa gita” for gourmet sailors (three editions with Italian, German and English translations).

Therefore it is going to be a unique cruise connecting sailing on catamarans, sailing into harbors, anchoring into the most beautiful Adriatic bays and ports set in an idyllic environment, as well as infinite delights at the table. This cruise will be daily garnished with the best of what Croatian gastronomy has to offer – both on land and sea, from very exclusive restaurants to authentic fishermen’s cottage inns where you will be served sea food collected the same day, fine dining together with wine pairing to feasts in the houses of local fishermen where the best traditional meals are prepared.

Sailing upon a catamaran is already a comfortable pleasure, which, a few hours after the morning coffee with croissants and small snacks, will be topped in a gourmet sense with a nutritionally rich branch based on local ingredients.

As a grand gourmet finale, carefully chosen dinner meals will be offered to combine all these elements: the most beautiful beaches and coves for relaxation, the sailing, the most prominent historical sites Croatia has to offer, the most exclusive gastronomy make this cruise a unique mission with one goal: to leave everyone with unforgettable memories.

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April - November


7 days


Kremik - Šibenik, Croatia


Kremik - Šibenik, Croatia

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Day 1
  • 10:00


    Sailing out of Kremik marina. Take the first swim in the lovely lagoon by the isle of Drvenik (east of the south cape of Zlarin) or in the bay of Magarna, the southernmost bay of the island of Zlarin. The next site is the island of Kaprije and the bay of Medoš. Soon we reach the restaurant of Kunjka with its own mooring, where you can be served a specially prepared dinner for the whole crew (by Chef Bernard Roca, the owner of the tavern). We spend the night moored in front of the restaurant.

Day 2
  • 09.30


    Sailing out, we take the first swim in the bay of Oštrica, just after the north cape of Kaprije island. Taking us towards the unique Kornati archipelagos (The National park of Kornati) thru the Kornati canal and the rough, rugged side outer of Kornati where the sea has carved rocks into fascinating sculptures called strmci reminding us of the northern sea cliffs. After that, a swim in the bay of Lojena (the island of Levrnaka – the only sandy beach of this endemic archipelagos). In the afternoon a short trip to Strižnja bay, followed by dinner with the fishermen’s family Šimat. Spend the night tied at the small quay in front of the owner’s house.

Day 3
  • 10:00


    Morning swim in Modri Bok, the finest cove of the Kornati archipelagos just by Strižnja. Sailing towards Sali harbour on Dugi otok island and a drink at the famous Maritimo bar continuing to Luški island, and a swim in the amazing inlet nearby. If you are lucky you will be able to see the beautiful turquoise bird vodomar – kingfisher (Alcedo atthis L.) which inhabits this bay, looking for fish. Continuing thru the middle channel to the island of Zverinac. Stopping in front of the restaurant called Zverinac for dinner, you will be served fish caught by the same morning by the old owner Božo. Just by the restaurant, there is a shop and olive mill as well as a couple of dozen houses which are the only buildings on the island famous for its dried figs and excellent olive oil.

Day 4
  • 10:00


    A short bit away from Zverinac to the wonder of nature – the bay of Pantera in the form of a horse-shoe which reminds you of the Pacific atolls. Besides the turquoise shallow water sea of this vast cove a man-made structure, one of the tallest and most impressive lighthouses in the Adriatic sea, a ten minute walk from the cove. To experience the ultimate beauty of this bay, for the end of the day, I suggest staying the night moored on the safe buoy accompanied by dinner prepared by our hostess.

Day 5
  • 10:00


    We suggest your morning coffee in Veli Rat, a hamlet almost untouched by civilization where Pantera bay continues through a narrow canal to another natural phenomenon of the northern end of Dugi otok – the bay of Čuna which is lake-like. This is the northernmost point of our gourmet cruise and it is time to return. We will be sailing in the opposite direction, this time by the shores of the islands of Ugljan and Pašman, continuing towards Vrgada island up to Murter, the most densely populated island of Croatia. Not one of our islands this size has four relatively big villages-towns. Just before sailing into port of Hramina we will moor for a swim in one of the bays of the island of Pašman which are one, more beautiful than the other, then continue to the archipelagos in front of the Murter island for another dip in the sea before sunset. Following is the docking at the safe port of Hramina on the island of Murter. We will moor in front of the famous restaurant Tik-Tak where you will be served dinner full of surprises and absolutely original dishes prepared by the owner Luka Pleslić and his team.

Day 6
  • 09:45


    The morning is reserved for the visit to the shipbuilding museum at Betina (a twenty minute walk from the Hramina moor). Setting sail and taking the first swim in one of the beautiful bays on the western side of the island Murter. Heading towards the island of Prvić with its two ports: Šepurine and Luka, we reach the handsome island of Zlarin, one of the rare Croatian islands which retained its historical authenticity. The island is well known for its coral works and the only active coral grinding workshop on the Adriatic, so before dinner a visit to the newly opened coral museum. Your dinner will be specially prepared in the beautiful ambiance of the family restaurant called Prslika, owned by the Makale family. Traditional Zlarin home-made dishes will be served

Day 7
  • 11:00


    Sailing through the straits between the coast and the mainland by the southern cape of Zlarin and the architectural masterpiece in front of the Šibenik canal – the best preserved Venetian fortification on the Adriatic – the Fort of St. Nicholas. (Under the protection by UNESCO). A swim near one of the many islands we sail by and mooring into the harbor of Krapanj island. Just a meter above sea level – making it the lowest island on the Adriatic is Krapanj, considered an endemic. The island is a matriarchal society for centuries, even at the present time. It has been the Adriatic capital of sea sponges, so you can visit its thematic museum. We continue our voyage towards town of Primošten and the Kremik marina, taking a swim at the entrance of the marina bay. To top it all a unique gourmet experience – “The Captains dinner” prepared by one of the most prominent Croatian chefs – Tvrtko Šakota.

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