With 30 sandy beaches Rab is a really Happy island with a lot of tiny, picturesque coves, recognised by tourists from all over the world almost 125 years ago, to this day, due to the crystal clear, warm and shallow sea, great for the entire family.

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Happy Island

Rab is a Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea. It’s known for the old town of the same name, encircled by ancient walls. The town’s 4 prominent church bell towers include the Romanesque tower at the Cathedral Svete Marije (St. Mary) and the tower at the ruins of Sveti Ivan Church. The monastery at the 16th-century Church of St. Justine is now a museum of sacral objects. Weather on the island of Rab is pleasant as warm summers take turns with gentle winters, amounting to a special kind of Mediterranean climate. With around 2600 hours of sunshine a year (that is only 9 overcast days in the entire summer), Rab is a great location for a holiday.

Rab Food Drink

Davor is an expert sailor, who knows how to plot the best course, navigate the weather and make that sailboat fly across the water. For my family, however, Davor made our trip by knowing where to find all the best beaches for relaxing and calmest bays for playing in the water. Our family can’t wait to hit the Adriatic with sail2croatia team again!

Alexandra Burroughs and Family


  • Pula 
  • Medulin 
  • Cres (town of Cres) 
  • Unije 
  • Mali Lošinj 
  • Ilovik 
  • Susak 
  • Pula 

Flora & Fauna

More than 30% of the island of Rab is covered in all kinds of plant life from aromatic shrubs along the slopes of Kamenjak carst to lush pine and oak forests housing rabbits, pheasents, birds of prey, even deer on a nearby island of Grgur. Some refer to it as the Emerald isle, due to all that deep green nature of Rab.
Waters around Lopar are home to several pods of friendly dolphin, whose photograpsh make ideal holiday memories.

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